Google raises the amount of the bounty program up to $1.5 mi

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Google raises the amount of the bounty program up to $1.5 mi

Google raises the amount of the bounty program up to $1.5 million

On November 23rd, in order to further improve the security of mobile device systems, Google expanded its Android Bug Bounty Program.

Google is willing to award hackers up to $1.5 million in rewards, and these hackers can successfully enter their Titan M security chips on their Pixel devices in this week's expansion of the Android Bug Bounty Program.

The company revealed in a blog post on Thursday that Google has paid more than $4 million to 1800 reports of people who have discovered platform vulnerabilities.

The program's expansion is focused on Google's own technology, rather than the larger ecosystem, which provides hackers with a significant incentive to test the security of their Titan security chips on upcoming Android releases.

Jessica Lin of the Android security team said it will provide $1 million in top prizes for hackers who find persistent full-chain remote code execution vulnerabilities, as this is a compromise to Titan M security elements on Pixel devices. The key is.

In addition, the program will offer a 50% special bonus to hackers targeting specific exploits for specific Android Developer Previews, with a maximum bonus of $1.5 million.

The Home Channel learned that Google introduced TitanM in its Pixel 3 smartphone released last year. The chip adds deep device-level protection to protect the most sensitive data stored on the Pixel from its host processor, protecting it from certain types of attacks.

Google also integrated Titan M into its Android security key technology and released the Titan security key in August 2018. This technology is similar to the USB dongle and provides additional security features for Google accounts, such as two-factor authentication and phishing protection.

In addition to reaching an agreement with White Hat hackers to help improve Titan M, Google has also expanded its vulnerability bounty rewards in other key device

security areas.

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