Ni Guangnan: China's 5G is expected to become the first in t

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Ni Guangnan: China's 5G is expected to become the first in t

Ni Guangnan: China's 5G is expected to become the first in the world

In ancient times, the 80-year-old year was called the year of the cricket, also called the year of the cane. Born in 1939, Ni Guangnan is just 80 years old this year, but he is as energetic as forty. In order to record the program for Anhui Satellite TV, he copied to the staff 10G materials, a book, and a briefcase full of newspaper clippings and documents. There was a speech session in the program. He wrote more than a thousand words of speech. Finally, he and the show team personally confirmed the details such as clothes style and color. By recording the program, the staff asked Ni Guangnan to conduct an animal character test. The test result was a koala. People with a "koala type" personality were very patient and temperamental. They did not like to cause trouble, but as long as they were determined to invest, Definitely the best example of horsepower. Not to mention, this test is accurate. Ni Guangnan's gentleness and kindness are well-known in the industry. But his determination to devote himself to science and technology research has always been as stable as Mount Tai. More than 30 years ago, at the height of his prosperity, Ni Guangnan gave up his Canadian salary 70 times higher than the domestic salary and came to the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Later, the Institute established the Computing Institute Company, later known as Lenovo. After Ni Guangnan came, he also brought the results of Hanka (an expansion card that hardened the Chinese character input method and its driver into a read-only memory) to Lenovo. Lenovo thus obtained the first bucket of gold. In the 1990s, the state rewarded Ni Guangnan with a four-bedroom, one-living room and 500,000 yuan. He felt that he had a house to live in and felt that the bonus was too much, so he donated all the bonus. For decades, he has been calling for technology to be independent. In 2002, Ni Guangnan wrote in "Computer News" and wrote "China needs an independent operating system." Today, 17 years later, we finally ushered in Hongmeng. Although it is not perfect, at least it is.

Talk about Huawei valuation

Some time ago, in a speech, he talked about Huawei's valuation of 1.3 trillion. Therefore, in the media group visit of the 2019 Software Green Alliance Developer Conference, the reporters most wanted to ask him is the question of Huawei's valuation. On this issue, Ni Guangnan said, first, different experts have different views on valuation. He himself still agrees that Huawei's valuation exceeds all current companies. In terms of the breadth of Huawei's business, Huawei owns the ace business of Apple, Intel and Cisco. Secondly, Huawei has 80,000 R & D personnel, the largest technology company in the United States, but only 20,000-40,000 R & D personnel. Third, Huawei is very innovative. Fourth, the local market's support for Huawei will also help Huawei to enter the international market. Of course, what is more important than Huawei's valuation is Huawei's investment and persistence in basic software. In addition, Ni Guangnan is also optimistic about the current 5G in China.

China 5G may catch up

Talking about whether China has an advantage in 5G, Ni Guangnan responded as follows. Experience tells us that our understanding generally lags behind actual development. When 3G made the leap to 4G, everyone also doubted whether 4G could really make the network faster. However, as a result, 4G has created the current development of mobile payment, e-commerce, social and sharing economy. To see the full value of a generation of communications, we need to look at it in three or five years or even longer. According to experience, the development of each generation of mobile communication is about ten years, and during this period, it will bring great changes to human beings. Compared with 4G, 5G improves bandwidth, delay, and large capacity. Some can increase by 100 times, and some even increase more. Ni Guangnan predicts that the improvement of 5G to 4G will exceed the improvement of 4G to 3G. Looking back for several years, the significance of 5G will also exceed the significance of 4G. The impact of 5G on social economy may also exceed the impact of 4G on 3G. Specifically, 5G is just now being implemented, and China's 5G is at the forefront of the world. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for China. From 1G lags behind foreign countries to 4G and runs abroad, the competition in communication between China and foreign countries is now almost evenly divided. In the face of 5G, China has the first opportunity to take a step ahead of developed countries. In the future, it is not impossible for China to lead the world in the field of communications. And this is already supported by data. In his speech on the day, Ni Guangnan said that Chinese companies occupy 3 of the top 10 global ICT companies, namely Huawei, Ali and Tencent.

Today, it is absolutely glorious to talk about being an engineer in the above three companies. Then again, as long as you are an engineer, it is enough to admire many non-engineers. Because of what you do, many people can't do it. Therefore, engineers will become the future dividend group.

China's demographic dividend will turn into engineer bonus

Regarding the bonus for engineers, Ni Guangnan said that, overall, China's current number of software personnel ranks second in the world and will soon rank first in the world.

It is for this reason that Oracle founder Larry Ellison will only issue the argument that "China cannot produce more engineers than the United States" when interviewed by FOX in 2018.

Ni Guangnan also gave a set of data. At present, the number of R & D (Research and Development, R & D, scientific research and experimental development) personnel and R & D funding in China are the second in the world, and the patent cooperation patent (PCT) Ranked third in the world, the Chinese engineering team will continue to grow, so China's demographic dividend will also be transformed into an engineer bonus. Therefore, software engineers are the most important resource for the development of China's software industry and the most favorable conditions for China. Seeing this, are you proud of your identity as an engineer? In short, the rise of a great country must not lack engineers!

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